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General feedback - Daniel Lee
Small glitch when wellness score is same before and after the experience. When you click the score, the orb says "It is totally okay to feel the same before and after, but let me give you a few tips to get the most out of it next time." Nothing happens (which is confusing), so you click the orb again, to which she repeats the exact same statement, then gives the actual tips on using it next time. Process to speak with real person (Nickolai) to work through session is insanely confusing. I actually could not figure out how to navigate to friends and add someone as I tried to follow along the instructions live. An alternative idea is a simple popup with a few options, e.g. 1. Add "BenignGuardian" as an oculus friend 2. add "BenignGuardian#1219" on discord. That way they can just remember a simple username and do it later rather than annoying follow instructions live. We get recurring feedback to somehow make the breathing longer/more prominent. I think one option is that when the user is asked to do box breathing in the very beginning (4 in 4 pause 4 out 4 pause with visual particles going in and out), instead of ending and saying "click to move on", the orb could say "click when you are ready to move on- I will continue guiding your breath until you do" and have the visual breathing particles go in and out without voice narration until the orb is clicked. That way users have the option to extend the breeding section as long as they want and they get the full benefit of the guided rhythm and visual particles, which people seem to like. Option to pause or end experience early. Pausing - I had to get water insanely bad but it felt wrong stopping in the middle (even though it's perfectly rational to press the oculus button). This need for a proper pause button is purely psychological but will improve the user experience. End experience early- the end of the experience drones on a little bit once the gift is received- I would suspect that the distribution of "quits" (which negatively impacts our % finished number) is disproportionately titled towards the very beginning and the tail end. An end early button could go directly to the final mood rating screen and count as a completed session, as repeat visitors may know what to expect and have already gotten the core benefit from what they have done. The location of both these buttons in my opinion should be the floor- they can look directly down and see the two buttons side by side.